Artists of Good Life Recordings


BeatleX produces a wide variety of techno.He is always trying to re-develop techno in his own way by using gentle melodic sounds combined with harder and darker techno beats.



Nastywip (Tuomas Siniluoto) was introduced to electronic music by his cousin in 1996. Young Tuomas watched intensively how own tunes could be composed with a tracker program. Ultimately this moment was the beginning of everything he's working on today. In 1998 Tuomas started DJing and promoting his own parties. French filter house, hard Swedish & British techno were his tools back in the day. Later on he focused on the latter, he stabilized his sound to monotonic and percussive techno. Today, his sets are influencesby  house and techno. Nastywip was formerly known as Ascide5.


Joonas Aleksi

Joonas Aleksi was introduced to electronic music during teenage years.  His first love was DnB. After visiting the Koneisto festival in Turky 2001, he bought his first crappy DJ set and little after that he formed a DJ group in order to organize parties in Jyväskylä Finland. His goal was to bring national pioners and international heroes to play in his home town. In 2006 he felt for Dubstep specificaly the techno side of the genre. inspired by Bass-music and House he finally found his home in Techno by playing and producing spacey deep and atmospheric tunes.



Sinds he was little Madsoul has been inspired by beautiful and dark bass-waves.He is fascinated by the Berlin and Detroit techno sounds.

Jay Phonic

Diverse, solid and playful. These words fit to Jay Phonic as to his music. It changes constantly, it moves from house to techno but it never is boring or misleading. His feeling for grooves and layering tracks is incomparable. He has a strong reputation as a sure shot in the Swiss club world but never got to the point where he lost his track of staying away from mainstream. So Jay Phonic does feel honored when you click the like button on his social network channels, but he loves when people show up after a gig and be thankful and happy for that ride through a musical odysse.

Fabian Binkert

Fabian Binkert is the founder of Good Life Recordings and has been in the music business for many years. As a teenager he played in a local Rock band in Allschwil BL called Narcotic. Since 2010 he puts every free minute in the production of Techno and Tech-House music as well as in the organization of parties. Fabian Binkert is a resident DJ at Club Borderline 2.0 in Basel, Switzerland and has already performed alongside many well-known artists. He enjoyed playing at the Street Parade in Zurich, which is visited by around one million visitors each year.